Mobile towers on schools closed in Rajasthan, Thanks to HC

Life of Millions of innocent children saved today after Rajasthan High Court(HC) decision to close Mobile towers on School building today. Rajasthan High Court order to the state government to remove mobile phone towers, suspected to be potential health hazards due to radiation from them, from near the schools, hospitals and densely populated localities.  “The shutting down of 199 towers would affect 35 lakh customers across the state. Among the towers which have been shut almost 100 are in state capital itself. In the state there are 40 cities which have single towers and will face complete coverage blackout” Sudipto Chowdhury, representative of cellular operator association of India (COAI). “This is expected to create large gaps in network coverage in the entire state and quality of the services leading to inconveniences of consumers” he added. Rajasthan education department on 4th July 2012 asked Mobile operators to shutdown towers from school buildings but mobile operators approches High court(HC) and supreme court but fail to get any relief.On Monday finally Cellular Operators Association of India(COAI) annouce to shutdown 199 Mobile towers in 40 cities of Rajasthan which may affect some Mobile subscribers but definately save life of more than 50000 innocent children who was paying on their health without anyhow related to Mobile. Hope school Administration/teachers will also take lession and say NO to Mobile in school premises and go for Landline/Wireline services in school.  “For the time being remove those towers from private and government schools. The order which benefits (the school children)… we will not interfere with it,” said a bench of justices H L Dattu and C K Prasad.
In Jaipur one family lost two of its family members because of cancer caused by Radiation towers while in areas like Dev Nagar, Mahaveer Nagar, Tonk Road, etc, residents are suffering from various other diseases like head ache, breath problem and uncontrolled blood pressure as per a special coverage by leading Hindi Daily news paper Rajasthan Patrika. Recent study says that cell tower radiation can cause memory loss , birth defects , Alzheimer’s  and many other harmful diseases which if sticks to a human body can result into damage to tissues, and can take years, even decades to show up.

We suggest people to use Wired Phones (Landline) for Long duration calls, prefer Landlines Phone for Old people, Children and woman during pregnancy to avoid Radiation hazards.

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